Thank you for signing up and fundraising for the 2022 IG Wealth Management Alzheimer Walk & Run!

Here are some tips to make your fundraising efforts easy, fun, and engaging:

Top Tips for Fundraising

1. Get organized

There are two questions you need to answer before you ask people to pledge to you:

What are you asking people to do?

How do they do it?

2. Think about your options

Support can come from unexpected places! Ask your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers to support you.

Need some help? Check your Participant Centre for sample emails you can send to your network!

3. Set achievable goals

Don’t aim for the impossible. Instead, break it down to a manageable level. For example, if only four friends donated $25 each, that would be $100 total!

Remember, prizes are available! Click here to learn more.

4. Invite your loved ones

Teaming up at the race makes fundraising even more fun, and it can double your impact.

Your Participant Centre includes a sample email message to invite people to join your team.

5. Share on social

You can find us @alzcalgary and #YYCALZ with the latest on the event. Tag us and share your race journey with us!

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Helpful hint: Your Participant Centre is also a great place to share your story. Use the blog feature to log your journey leading up to the event as an inspiration for others.

6. Say thank you

Showing appreciation is the best way to get more support for your efforts. Try to personally acknowledge any support you receive as soon as you can.

We’ve got a sample thank you email ready to go on your Participant Centre to make thanking your supporters even easier!

Corporate Matching

Many companies offer matching programs for charitable donations. Check with your Community Investment team to see if your company will match your donation and maximize your impact.

We’ve also compiled a list of several companies that will provide corporate matching. Click here!

Who are you walking for?

Whether you’re participating in-person or virtually, the 2022 IG Wealth Management Alzheimer Walk & Run is all about supporting our family, friends, and community.

Share who you’re walking for with our signs below!

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Print a colour or black and white sign

Note: Badges will be available for in-person participants on race day

2. Write the name(s) of who you’re walking for on it.

3. Take a photo and upload it to social media don’t forget to tag it with @alzcalgary and #YYCALZ

Colour sign

Black and white sign

Community Bingo

Virtual participants can get engaged with our community by completing our 2022 Bingo Card!

The card will be launched in October ahead of the event weekend and will be available to download digitally. Keep an eye on your inbox for when it opens!

What you’ll need to do: Complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line on the card for your chance to win a draw prize! Full of fun stops and activities throughout our community, you’ll have until Sunday, October 9, 2022, to submit a photo of your completed card to Draw will take place on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

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