Meet our ambassadors

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Peter Maher and Ron Freckleton pictured above at the 2019 IG Wealth Management Alzheimer Walk & Run. 


Ron Freckleton


Being a caregiver for someone is one of the most challenging jobs one can face.

We all have aspirations and dreams of what we will accomplish later in life, but for many couples like Ron and his wife these plans don’t always work out as planned. When Ron’s wife was diagnosed with dementia, Ron rose to the occasion and became the primary caregiver for his beloved Joan.

Living with someone with dementia can be different each day, but for Ron, taking it a day at a time was what worked best. “I learned not to argue with Joan,” he explained. He explains that being a caregiver was a learning curve and that he had to be open to new challenges and experiences.

An exceptional member of the community and an incredible advocate for the cause, Ron embodies the dedication and passion that we all strive for.


Peter Maher

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Peter has one of the most recognizable voices in hockey and every Calgarian is sure to know his signature tag line - "Yeah Baby!"

Like many people in our community, Peter and his family have been impacted by dementia. You can read Peter's story here.

Peter has been a long time friend of the Alzheimer Society of Calgary. Every year we are thrilled when Peter counts down as the participants of the Walk and Run leave the start line.


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